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The third season of The Guerilla Wolves, premiered in Fall 2010 on Wolf TV and later on the video streaming website Vimeo. Five episodes were released in the third season. Season three came after the second season of the show and was later followed up by a fourth season of Guerilla Wolves in the Fall of 2011.

This season was later remastered in the summer of 2022 and released on YouTube.

Notable moments from Season 3

Season 3 Episodes

Episode 1

In this episode

2022 Remaster

  • Fixed episode aspect ratio
  • Rescaled and replaced higher quality versions of existing assets
  • Lowered and leveled peaking audio
Behind the scenes of Cooking with Sean.

Episode 2 (Edited for YouTube)

Episode 2 (Unedited)

In this episode

  • What is Day of the Dead?
  • Grammar Girl
  • Halloween Soylent Green Parody (re-aired)
  • a bunch of Halloween trailers

2022 Remaster

  • This episode had issues when it was originally rendered. Portions have been modified to try to help playback.
  • Removed that one Beatles trailer to prevent a DMCA claim

Episode 3

In this episode

2022 Remaster

  • Lowered and leveled audio

Episode 4

In this episode

2022 Remaster

  • Rescaled assets
  • Leveled audio
  • Removed swastika during anti-bullying skit (yes, I'm not even joking...)

Episode 5

In this episode

  • Recycling cold open
  • The Fab 5
  • Jazz band
  • Guillory Netflix Commercial
  • Centennial Walkthrough
  • Message to the haters

2022 Remaster

  • Rescaled assets
  • Fixed aspect ratio
  • Fixed weird cropping
  • Leveled audio
  • Lowered that God awful scream at the beginning of the episode
Brad Guillory in the emergency room after cutting himself breaking a TV and destroying a VCR.


Created by 

Brad Guillory
Austin Frosch
Sean Phelan
Sean Westly Skinner
Wesley Tate
Michael Rees
Mason Spong



Number of Episodes


Release medium Wolf TV
YouTube (2022 Remaster)
Original release Fall 2010 -
Spring 2011

Technical Specifications 

Cameras Used

Canon XL2
Canon XH-A1
Canon EOS Rebel T2i (550D)

NLE Used Final Cut Pro 7
Format NTSC (Wolf TV and Vimeo Release)
1080p (2022 Remaster)

Behind the Scenes Gallery

Music Used