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Guerilla Wolves was a video club that ran at Saint Paul’s School in Covington, LA, from 2008 to 2018. It was created by Brad Guillory and his (then) current students Paul Dale and Josh Pereira. Hence the name, The Guerilla Wolves (stylized with one “r” instead of two), often utilized “run-and-gun” Guerilla filmmaking. The term was defined in the first episode of the series referring, “to a form of independent filmmaking characterized by low budgets, skeleton crews, and simple props using whatever is available.”

Inspired mainly by alternative programming on [adult_swim], iconic skits, “bumpers,” segments, and PSA’s like “Cooking with Sean,” “Word of the Day,” and “Pizza in a Can” defined the series. As the show pivoted from a monthly to a weekly broadcast, it took on a new identity. Segments like “Guerilla Wolves Movie News,” mini-documentaries such as “Greg Smith: The man Behind the WI-FI,” and coverage of major events like New Orleans Wizard World Con made Guerilla Wolves stand out at the time. Guerilla Wolves segments were often praised for their quality, winning various LSPA and JEA awards, including “Best Overall News Broadcast.”

Notable members include Brad Guillory (Co-creator, Club Moderator, and Executive Producer), Paul Dale ’10 (Co-creator and Actor), Josh Pereira ’09 (Co-creator, Actor, and Editor), Sean Phelan (Host of Cooking with Sean), Austin Frosch ’12 (On-Screen Presenter, Actor, and Editor), John Larson ’14 (Sports Anchor), Jonah Knickles ’14 (On-Screen Presenter), Kole Gorney ’15 (On-Screen Presenter and Actor), Casey Fitzmaurice ’15 (Sports Anchor), Thomas Williamson ’16 (On-Screen Presenter, Actor, Camera Operator, and Editor), Parker Layman ’16 (On-Screen Presenter, Actor, and Movie Reviewer), Nick Oubre ’16 (Sports Anchor, Actor, and On-Screen Presenter), Brandon Gallego ’18 (Camera Operator, Editor, and On-Screen Presenter), and John Meyers ’18 (Camera Operator, Editor, and On-Screen Presenter). is an ongoing wiki archive of the original run of The Guerilla Wolves from the club’s inception to Brad Guillory’s departure from Saint Paul’s School. Previous members of the club maintain the wiki. This website is NOT affiliated with Saint Paul’s School.